Self-determined at home

In the following you can find several examples of the Smart Home functionalities in our AAL exemplary apartment. This showcase project, located in Hohenzollernstraße 113 Saarbrücken, was developed in cooperation with the Wohnungsgesellschaft Saar mbH (WOGE Saar) and various network partners. On approximately 100m² we are showing Ambient Assisted Living solutions for all age groups and life situations:

Height-adjustable kitchen components, "smart" heat sensors and an oven with a submersible door ensure efficient working.
A fully automated armchair helps to put up your feet or it supports you with standing up.

The compact stair lift also guarantees mobility for people in need.

Autonomous cleaning robots drive about in the apartment and help keeping it clean, windows as well as the floor.
Important functions can be controlled via tablet, for example lighting, temperature or also the shutters.
On a display, the digital door viewer shows who is visiting without bringing any presents.

The project was funded by the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend  and originated from the German-French cooperation Cluster Silver Economy. The leading role on the German side was taken by the AAL-Netzwerk Saar.