Focus on human beings

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Langguth

We are working on building a fundamental and sustainable AAL infrastructure in Saarland. Through intelligently connecting pre-existing products and services, people of every age and with different kinds of ailments or disabilities can live a self-determined life in our society, for as long as possible.

Initiator and first chairman of the association AAL-Netzwerk Saar e.V. is Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Langguth. He is teaching at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (University of Applied Sciences) at the faculty of engineering sciences. At the HTW Saar he is also leading the laboratory for questions regarding the effects of electromagnetic fields in the environment.

Our association is performing foundational work, it raises awareness and provides information - in a competent and generally intelligible manner. Since our inception on May 28th, 2014 we are recording a continuous growth in members. Currently, we have 65 members, of which 40 are institutional members.

We are providing information for everyone with a private interest in "what is there", "who can get what" and "where do I find appropriate products and services".